The Best Popular Recipes of Beauty – You Have The Complexion of the Perfect

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The Best Popular Recipes of Beauty – You Have The Complexion of the Perfect

Considering yourself in the mirror, you are allowed to notice even the smallest shortcomings of appearance: freckles, pimples, under eyes circles. The presence of such vices is bad on the mood and affects self-confidence. In general, this is not a sentence, tea is allowed to get rid of these shortcomings, make the complexion irreproachable.

Beauty, youth depend directly on the body condition. All the processes of exchange substances are incredible without the participation of water. So that the skin of the young person remains, delicious and healthy, one must drink as much as possible of the water of unsullied. The cleansing yeast mask will help get rid of pimples, but it will also provide an irreproachable skin color on the face.

In order to prepare this cosmetic in home aspects, it is necessary to dilute yeast pressed with milk to dissolve or peroxide solution of hydrogen 3% to a creamy consistency. Apply this slurry on your face with a layer thick for about 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, and later rinse your face with cool water.

To prevent the appearance of unpleasant points and spots on the skin of the face, it is necessary, starting from the early spring, to apply sunscreen to the street, which will be protected from the rays. Women from October to January with “sunny kisses” are recommended to go through mesotherapy, mechanical or chemical peeling, as well as photo rejuvenation.

The best popular recipes of beauty – in the course of procedures such a skin area with pigments is destroyed, and healthy cells replace it. Apply cosmetic, skin whitening and much reduce the production of melanin.

To force a skin on the face to shine it is permitted and with correctly executed make up. To mask small pigment spots on the skin of the face can be used konileny, and with super-pigmented skin use the means that unite the covering tonal, powder and primer.